Labour law

At TERRILLON AVOCATS, we have advised and defended our Clients (including SMEs, microbusinesses, HR and legal departments, and employees) in all aspects of individual and collective labour law for almost 30 years.

Also referred to as employment law, labour law is a particularly broad subject covering numerous areas of concern to both employers and employees. Our attorneys assist our Clients with training in individual labour relations, from implementing recruitment processes to terminating employment contacts, including advice in preparing documents and creating internal policies to combat harassment and discrimination. 

We are also particularly active in supporting our Clients in establishing postings, organising training sessions on topics related to posting employees from France to other EU member states, as well as from other EU member states to France. 

In addition, due to the ongoing health crisis, many companies have been forced to consider laying off certain employees. Our attorneys will accompany and assist you in establishing the strategy best adapted to your needs.  

If their particular situation requires, we help our Clients get through the group layoff process calmly, without stress, in order to guarantee that the interests of both the employer and the dismissed employees are protected.

We offer companies support in setting up an employment safeguard plan, a complex procedure to develop a plan that conforms with both stakeholders’ interests and all legal and regulatory requirements. 

At TERRILLON AVOCATS, we assist our Clients in English, French, and Polish.

“Wisdom is the daughter of experience”.
Leonardo da Vinci

What do we do?

  • Labour litigation
  • Termination of employment contracts
  • Individual labour relations 
  • Social dialogue (collective negotiations, business agreements, professional elections, collective disputes)
  • Prevention of occupational risks
  • Business reorganisation (Employment Safeguard Plans, mergers and acquisitions)
  • International mobility (posted workers, expatriation)
  • Training on issues related to posting employees
  • Compliance policy
  • Implementation of ethics codes and internal policies to combat harassment and discrimination 

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