Financial and legal strategy

Strategy is commonly defined as the art of developing a coordinated plan of action. To be a good strategist, it is therefore necessary to have a general understanding of the situation. 

So, before detailing all the areas of expertise of the TERRILLON AVOCATS team, it’s important that we specify that all our advice is provided in order to implement not only a legal strategy, but a financial one as well. 

Indeed, the financial aspects of litigation or consultations often receive too little attention. This pitfall can lead to solutions that while correct from a legal point of view, are not very satisfactory from a financial point of view, even though these points of view are completely compatible!

Armed with these observations, Patrick Terrillon, the founder of the Firm, developed an approach to cases — particularly in M&A, collective proceedings, and taxation — which goes beyond purely legal questions in order to respond to Clients’ specific needs and offer innovative solutions. 

Our team has extensive experience in taxation and accounting, so don’t hesitate to contact us to define your strategy! 

At TERRILLON AVOCATS, we assist our Clients in English, French, and Polish.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results“.
Winston Churchill


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