Criminal business law

Criminal business law encompasses a wide range of offences: Discrimination, theft, extortion, blackmail, fraud, abuse of trust, abuse of weakness, receiving, money laundering, influence peddling, corruption, forgery, counterfeiting, bankruptcy, criminal association, and so on. Criminal risk is an essential aspect that companies and their managers must take into account when creating and implementing risk management policies. 

It is therefore essential for companies, managers, partners, and everyone else in the business world to seek advice in criminal business law from legal professionals, in order to avoid transactions that could lead to an offence.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of criminal business law, TERRILLON AVOCATS offers support to their Clients at all stages of the process: police custody, searches, open hearings, preliminary investigations, criminal investigations, correctional hearings, etc., by preparing them to speak and answering all their questions and concerns. 

TERRILLON AVOCATS also advises company managers on the best processes to put in place to minimise the risk of criminal liability and on implementing arrangements for the delegation of authority.

In order to preventatively limit risks or to avoid repeating past offenses, TERRILLON AVOCATS organises internal training programmes for companies. These training programmes aim to educate participants about criminal risks and to give them the appropriate tools to identify and prevent such risks. 

At TERRILLON AVOCATS, we assist our Clients in English, French, and Polish.

“Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success”.
Henry Ford

What do we do?

  • Prevention of criminal risk (audits, training, etc.)
  • Criminal liability of management
  • Delegation of authority and transfer of criminal liability
  • Offenses listed in the penal code (discrimination, theft, extortion, blackmail, fraud, breach of trust, abuse of weakness, concealment, money laundering, corruption and influence peddling, forgery and use of forged documents, criminal conspiracy, etc.)
  • Misuse of corporate assets; means for meeting liabilities
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Independent civil action to seek damages

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