Poland within the EU

Sinces 2004

In 2004, Europe was enlarged to 25 members.


Since our firm is involved in Poland, we would like to present you the history of its membership.


Historical background


During the European Council in Copenhagen in 1993, the EU Heads of State decided upon the criteria that a candidate country to the EU must fulfil:

  • the existence of stable institutions in order to ensure democracy,
  • the rule of law and compliance with human and minority rights
  • a viable market economy,
  • the ability to fulfil the obligations of the Union (political, economic and monetary)

The applicant countries for enlargement in 2004 began their progress towards the EU:

30 March 1998:
Luxembourg European Council; the start of negotiations with the first six candidate countries, including Poland.

15 December 2001:
Laeken European Council; launch of the Convention to prepare for institutional reform with a view to the enlargement process.

9 October 2002: the European Commission makes its recommendation to complete the membership negotiations with the 10 countries furthest advanced in meeting the Copenhagen criteria – including Poland.

20 October 2002: Irish referendum; “Yes” to the ratification of the Treaty of Nice.

13 December 2002:
the Government completed its four-year negotiations with the EU

14 December 2002:
European Council of Copenhagen: the 15 Heads of State and the President of the European Commission approve the completion of membership negotiations with the ten countries selected by the Commission on 9 October 2002, including Poland.

16 April 2003: the 15 member countries of the EU and the 10 new members, including Poland, signed the Treaty that constituted the legal basis for European Union accession.
The Treaty is a convention between the current and future members of the EU.
It regulates the conditions for membership for future EU members and for the unification of current treaties

7 and 8 June 2003: Poland votes Yes to join the European Union:
78% of votes in favor of the accession.

4 October 2003: the 25 current and future members of the EU participated in the first session of the Intergovernmental Conference in Rome, intended to lead to the adoption of the Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe.

until June 2004: ratification of the treaty by the current and future members of the EU, Poland having agreed by means of referendum.

June 2004: first elections to the European Parliament in the enlarged Europe.

Cabinet Terrillon

Cabinet Terrillon