The acquisition of a French manufacturer, a first-rate subcontractor to two large automobile groups.

Mergers and acquisitions

Context of the case

Our Client is one of the largest industrial groups in Poland among other things, the group specialises in the production of components for automobiles, and has subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. 

The Client’s challenge was to complete the acquisition of a French manufacturer, a first-rate subcontractor to two large automobile groups, which was in receivership.


Our involvement 

TERRILLON AVOCATS advised the Client and initiated all steps towards implementing the plan. For the Client, it was important that communication regarding the case be in both Polish and French.

The first step was to set up a holding company to acquire the business operations of the target company before the commercial court. As the target company was in receivership, TERRILLON AVOCATS drew up the takeover offer and the takeover documents and assisted the Client in presenting the takeover offer the procedural bodies and the court. Beforehand, the Firm had advised the Client in the context of a business audit and then laid the groundwork for implementing an employment safeguard plan. 

The takeover offer was subject to various prerequisite conditions, including related to employment, in particular the renegotiation of certain company agreements. As such, the Firm assisted the Client in negotiations with trade unions. After the prerequisite conditions were lifted, the takeover offer submitted to the receiver and to the Commercial Court was accepted.


Results obtained

TERRILLON AVOCATS provided services in the case over five months. The acquired company is still operating under the same brand as before.  The Client appreciated our work and has stayed with us, benefitting from our legal assistance in the management of their business operations.

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Mergers and acquisitions

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